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Raw DNA Data
Health Analysis 

Have you already done the ancestry DNA test?
Decode your DNA RAW Data from MyHeritage, 23andMe, and Ancestry for hundreds of diseases, drugs and traits.

Standard report $35 (Order Now)

Order and upload your raw data. Get the report within 1 working day.

Sample Report



We will send you the swab kit by mail to collect DNA from your mouth. Return the swabs and get a full report about 200+ diseases that you may carry and can affect your health along with free ethnicity report. 

Discover how your genetics can influence your risk of
diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, hereditary thrombophilia, celiac disease, obesity,
cardiovascular diseases and some types of hereditary cancer such as breast, ovarian and lung cancer



Find lost relatives or confirm parenthood.   Learn about your genes.
Need to send the raw dna file for each person.


Drug Response

Identify the prescriptions that are hazardous to your health and know the vitamins that you need for wellness. Get the free report with "My Genes".

The report includes more than 50 medications and their interpretation to give you actionable and relevant information. 



Analayze the DNA of the bacteria living in and on your body. Get expert advice on how to umprove your microbiome. 
Discover more about how your bacteria and genetics affect your overall lifestyle with our wellness and lifestyle DNA test and
Keep off those extra pounds, providing you the personalised nutrition and fitness recommendations you need to control your weight.

The Skin DNA test we offer is the basis of your skin treatment and care - because not everyone’s skin is the same.



Pre-wedding DNA screening test. Learn about potential birth defects for your offspring before you say "I do". 
Need to send raw DNA data files for each person.



Get the free report with "My Genes" to learn about the allergens that are affecting your health.




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